Tiani Victoria

Tiani Victoria is a 21 year old female rapper from Philadelphia, Pa . An all natural red-head beauty, she grew up in the Mt Airy part of the city known as “Uptown”. Tiani was always influenced by various different types of music from Jazz to Hip-Hop. Her mother owning a dance studio really made her interest stronger. In high school, at 15, after writing poetry since she was 10, she decided to craft her lyrics into songs. She started raping at the football games ,pep rally’s every where a high school freshman could get the chance to be heard. She used to battle some of the cities top male rappers, and when she started winning, she knew she had a gift. After going to┬ácollege and spending a brief time in Atlanta honing her skills she knew it was time to head back to Philly and start word. She came back to Philly with a plan and teamed with a local Dj/Radio personallity named Circuitbreaka who was interested in developing her into an elite artist and find a way for her to share her gift with the world.