Kristine Walter

Kristine Elizabeth Walter (born September 22, 1987) is an American singer-songwriter, recording artist. Her first release was the 2009 album, Footprints.
The youngest of two, Kristine grew up in Rockland County, just out of New York City, along with her brother, Paul, who is also a singer-songwriter. She is of German, English, Italian and Czech decent. Her father is also a musician and her mother is a Radio Dispatcher for their local Police department. Kristine started singing at the age of 11 and recording at the age of twelve. Inspired by the likes of Christina Aguilera, Etta James, Martina McBride & Leann Rimes, Kristine continued her passion for music throughout her schooling, having recorded numerous songs by the time she graduated. After leaving high school, Kristine decided to study music in Manhattan, but quickly learned reaching her dreams in the music industry would take more then sitting in a classroom.
Kristine started auditioning for different bands, and was grabbing the attention of many in the industry, with her tone, range, and power often being compared to Christina Aguilera. After getting signed to an Independent label in 2006, Kristine moved to Orlando Fl to follow her dreams. She struggled to keep things moving out in FL, and quickly realized being in the music industry wasn t going to be easy. After much consideration, Kristine decided to leave the label and go out on her own.
She moved to SC for a few months to focus on writing and recording a new album. This is where she co-wrote one of her hit songs “Nothing Left to Lose” with her father.
In 2009, Kristine released her debut album; entitled “Footprints”, which grabbed the attention of people in the industry, who then advised her to start to write her own songs.
In January 2011, Kristine received a phone call from Blackhawk’s Henry Paul, advising her to move out to Nashville, and peruse her singing career out there with his help. She mingled with some big Country names out there, and performed at Nashville venues including “That’s Cool.”
Kristine is currently writing and recording a new album back in NY, with a new management and production team. With some once in a lifetime experiences under her belt, it is a sure thing we will be seeing much more of Kristine s Powerhouse vocals in the very near future. She is looking forward to releasing her new album early next year.