Fred P

A Country boy destined to travel a path of gang-bangin’ and the brutal teachings of the streets, but through proper guidance and a praying family, Fred Spencer, better known to the BHAM Rap game as “Fred P the Go Getta” was determined to be the next break-thru artist from the struggling streets of Birmingham, AL.

Fred P, the personality of “G” and the heart of a “hood angel” has persevered for this very opportunity over the last 6 years. With consistent guidance of his producer and now manager J. Millz, Fred P has been molded into a humble artist that understands all aspects of the music industry and has become very hands-on in the decision making process towards the growth of his career.

Fred P is a young fresh face in the hip-hop industry that has blessed the hearts and souls of many in the South, and now he is ready to broaden his fan base across the country. Recently Fred P’s label Fully Focused merged with Birmingham Entertainment and this new joint venture will work to season Fred P to become a more relevant artist in this industry so he can begin his pace of longevity releasing “hit after hit” of 1 singles to come!

Growing up, Fred P was inspired by musical influences from some of the greatest. He was intrigued by artists that represented the struggle
of the inner cities of every ghetto…. from Jay Z, Snoop, Nas, Jadakiss, Tupac, TI, and Biggie; as well as many successful local artists such as D best, Modesty xo, Sno a1 yoa, Ptg, DJ West, Dj slim, Hood Zone, Jayi, CJ the Underground spokesmen, T rose, Big Time 7, Lil Homie from 95.7 jams.