CeCe G

21-year-old Cherisse Graham (CeCe) was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. As a young girl she was mostly fond of basketball but she always loved to sing. But since she was a tomboy, no one could really picture her as an artist. “I used to always be like ‘I wanna go on apollo’ and “my friends woud be like and do what shoot a three pointer..” she laughs. “My own momma didn’t believe I could sing until she heard me. You should have saw the expression on her face he 1st time I sang for her!” When CeCe was younger, her mother sang in two bands on weekends for fun. Her father also has a past winning several talent contest because of his vocal abilities. “I used to admire the fact that my mom could get up on stage and just do her thing. You could tell thet she was really in her element.” When Graham was 8, she played for a basketball team that held many funraisers. One happened to be a talent show and one of friends sign her up. “My coaches were reading the list of people who signed up for the show and when they said ‘Cherisse Graham’, one of my friends started laughing. So at first I was lost..and then when i caught {on} I wanted to beat the black of her!” she laughs. “I was so shy so no one knew I could sing but her because she overheard me. Boy I was terrrified.” She sang Deborah Cox’s ‘How Did You get Here’ and won 1st place. “I hit that one big note towards then end and it even shocked me. Everyone jumped out of their seats and was just screamin. It was the best feeling. But I was {still} shocked when I won.” Even after her succcess in the show, she still went back to her shy ways and contiued with her basketball career. In August 2003, CeCe and her mother moved from St. Louis to Dallas, Texas. Barely anyone knew of CeCe’s hidden talent. “All they knew me as was that girl from St. louis that plays basketball.” In the beginning of her sophmore year, she injured her knee which required her to sit out for the whole season. Since she had a little more spare time, she started workin more on her music. “I had this little cheap microphone that I got from circuit city or something and hooked it up to my computer. Then I got some old Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child and Monica instrumentals and remade some songs.” Those songs soon convinced her to start writing. Now she has hit records of her own and is bound for big things.