Lue ‘H-20’ Ipaye

Marketing and Artist Development

Lue Ipaye was born in raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. As a child Lue always possessed a deep love for hip hop and began to write rhymes and verses during his teen years while in high school.  Lue attended the University of Tennessee and majored in marketing, yet he always had this itch to follow his dreams. He would drive to Atlanta on the weekends to record his music while still balancing his studies. Soon after Lue developed a burning desire to take his talents to the next level and moved to Atlanta; with the push and support of close friend Alvin Bailey.  Alvin helped guide Lue’s career in the right direction, and It was at this point that Lue realized that the music industry is as they say “10 percent talent, 90 percent business”. He also realized that in this time of low album sales limited support from record labels was becoming the status quo, and that an artist must be able to market themselves in order to be successful in this industry. With little or no budget they were able to create a significant buzz and learn about various forms of marketing through trial and error. “I feel like being an artist, but also having to work hands on with Alvin on the business side gave me a rare experience most artists don’t receive until it’s too late”. Lue joined Alvin to establish Payeback Enterprises, and works to bridge the gap between the visions of Artist and Exec.