“Philly Hip-Hop Awards” Female Cypher

2012 “Philly Hiphop Awards” Female Cypher Featuring Asia Sparks, Mek46St, Isis Tha Saviour, Tiani Victoria, B Dot Holla, Ms. Caddi & Tha Phoxx! All I can say is that Philly has some serious Female Talent and it is only a matter of time before we see them rocking the stage here in NY.

Now I got to get my major label hat on here and give you my opinions. They are all SPITTIN’!!! No doubt about that and I think each of them could have their success if they get their business right. But the two that stand out to me are Tiani Victoria and Asia Sparks. Tiani has showcased herself as a deep song-writer and with DJ Circuitbreaka running her team she has that bridge to radio and clubs in the city. Asia has tough delivery and has been getting major exposure in Philly thanks to the hustle of her savvy manager, Sonji B. Either way Philly can be the next city to TAKEOVER!!!